Wonder what our SHSM grads think about the program ?

Read our graduate testimonials below to learn about their experiences and how the SHSM program has benefitted them during their senior years, and beyond.

Monisgnor Doyle CSS
Resurrection CSS
St. Benedict CSS
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St. Marys HS

     Monsignor Doyle CSS

“I liked getting to experience and learn things that you don’t normally get to do at school. It’s a great way to experience your dream job before you’re hired. [My] favorite training session was 3D Animation where I learned about stop motion and even got to make my own.”

– Ashley DCruz, Information & Communication Technology

If you take SHSM “you will have an advantage in your future. I really enjoyed it. I’m glad it happened. I think it helped.”

– Destina Mattrasingh, Health & Wellness

“Being a SHSM will help jump start me into the construction trade as I already have a lot of training. My favorite training session was the CPR training because I am now certified to help save someone’s life. ”

– Ian Swanson, Monsignor Doyle, Construction

“The certifications were the best : First Aid & Network Cabling (looks good on a resume!). The SHSM program helps you to get to know the industry better and helped me figure out what I liked or didn’t like.”

– Isaac Maw, Information & Communication Technology

“I’ve explored many different aspects of business and got to learn a great amount of information from the trips. The Personality Inventory Training at Conestoga College was fun because you got to learn about yourself and how you interact with others. You get to meet so many new people and you get to explore various aspects of your major through fun interactive activities.”

– Bryanne Goad, Business


“SHSM is a lot of fun. You can put the training on your resume and employers look at that.”

– Natashia Botehlo, Health & Wellness

   Resurrection CSS

“If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in any field, SHSM will give you an early introduction. The skills and workshops gave me credentials. It has helped in areas outside of school (e.g. my part time job). ”

– Michelle Beal, Business

“You learn a lot of great new skills and information and all of the training session look great on a resume. SHSM allowed me to be immersed in aspects of health that I wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. It helped ,e know for sure I want to go into health”

– Heather Bertram, Health & Wellness

“It’s a great way to get experience and you can only benefit from this.”

-Jacob Gibbons, Transportation

“I’d say to any grade 10 student to sign up for SHSM. It was really easy to get, everything was natural with the courses you are taking, the trips were good, and you can only benefit!
Also having the experience (like co-op and the training) really benefit you and gives you an edge. The co-op as well as a good practical application ,and gives me a good idea of what I want in the future.”

– Angelika Jarski, Business

“If you know what you would like to do in grade 11 & 12 look to see if there is a SHSM program that will fit with those courses. It gives you a great opportunity to gain more experience in your major. I have gained training that will help me in post-secondary education and in my future careers.”

-Nathan Mape, Business

“With SHSM, you get to do co-op and try out a career path you might be interested in,. I liked doing co-op and getting work experience, because I learned I truly ant to become a nurse and I am passionate about the Health care field. You also get free certificates! .. which would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars.”

-Heidi Ruetz, Health & Wellness

“The best part about SHSM was the free training sessions because I gained knowledge, resume boosters and it helped me realize what I want to do after high school. My co-op placement at a Physiotherapy office was fun. The program will definitely benefit me in the future because it gave me a head start in knowledge in my major.”

– Jenna Bushell, Health & Wellness

“When applying for programs it looks good that you have experience.”

– Madeline Brown, Art & Culture

   St. Benedict CSS

Spotlight : Jhudy – Anne Alfonso

Health & Wellness

“It is a chance to get involved in free training and gain knowledge and experience in a future career/field. The training helped me to experience what to expect in my field”

For co-op I was placed in a nursing home in a long-term care and experienced helping the residents and caring for them. I got to experience proper ways to bandage, blood pressure checks, and giving the residents their pills assisted by the charge nurse by my side. All I have to say is co-op and especially Specialist High Skills Major helped me to gain more interest in my future career as a nurse and gave me more knowledge and experience. I know what I have learned in co-op and from the training’s I did in High Skills, it will for sure help me in the future by having my certificates and experience in my major. Future High Skills students will enjoy the Trips & Training’s  and gives them a chance to experience the different types of training’s in their major and decide earlier whether or not that field interests them or not. All in all, I would like to thank you and everyone who puts together Specialist High Skills Major, this gave me so much more knowledge and experience through the training’s I have completed. It was definitely a lot of fun and I could say High Skills was one of the best parts of Grade 11 & Grade 12. Specialist High Skills Major gives students so many opportunities that we would not get to do and I encourage and promote Grade 10 students to sign up for High Skills for Grade 11 because they will not regret it !!

After High School I am going to Conestoga College this September for Pre-Health Sciences and then bridge to the BSCN program through McMaster to become a registered nurse. After my 5 years at Conestoga I am planning on going to McMaster university to specialize in pediatrics and hopefully work in emergency services in the Cambridge hospital and eventually work in my dream workplace at the Sick Kids in Toronto !

Success Story : Lucas Morey – Apprentice Carpenter

“I credit my success to St. Benedict High School, the Homebuild and Specialist High Skills Major Program, and especially the certifications I earned through the SHSM program.”

“I liked all of the training that came along with High Skills. It helps for getting a job, and to be one step ahead of everyone.
I’d tell any student thinking of signing up with SHSM, that it makes deciding on a future career easier and helps to get a job anywhere if yoy have the right training. Lastly, it helps with picking electives for 11 & 12.”

– Chandra Chandat, Business

In SHSM you learn so much and meet so many new people.
“I feel one step ahead of others because I have learned and experienced so much. My favorite session was Fitness Training. One can recognize the importance of physical health for mental alertness & physical health as well. Not only academics are important ; you learn focus and discipline”

– Mary Le, Health & Wellness

“My favorite training session was First Response First Aid because it qualified me to help others who may need assistance.”

– Austin Ferreira, Energy

“The certificates look good on my resume. It helped me decide what I want to do in construction ”

– Michael Fitzsimmons, Construction

My favorite session was the Business Zoom Career Day – Various jobs exposed, good food, presentations were amazing.
“Co-op gave me experience in the world of banking and provided me with great references.”

– Ferhan Siddiqui, Business

“I have benefited in attending many training sessions and have learned about many other future job(s). (as I want to get into becoming either a Firefighter, Cop, or Paramedic) .”

– Gracie Robson, Health & Wellness

“I liked the Trips & Training. I got real experience on the job with my co-op placement.”

– Brandon Guitar, Information & Communication Technology

“The First Aid Training and WHMIS led to me getting job in a Summer Camp.”

– Jennifer La Pierre, Health & Wellness

“The certifications were the best part of SHSM. These certifications have helped me get part-time jobs and will be useful when I get a job related to Energy.My favorite session was Energy Efficiency Training because I learned a lot of useful things that I could use at home and it interested me because it was connected to the kind of career I want.
SHSM will help you specialize in an area of interest, provide you with training that could get you any kind of job. It readies you for the working world.”

– Adrian Vander Vlugt, Energy

   St. David CSS

Spotlight : Natalie Martic – Health & Wellness

“The workshops and training were helpful, and gave a great base level knowledge to help me decide what I want to do. SHSM helped to confirm that I wanted to become a Veterinarian,as I took a co-op placement and loved it. The placement at Bruce Street Animal Hospital used a database that all clinics use, and gave me some experience in the field. The infection control training was helpful and informative. The conflict resolution & lifting training is useful for my current job as a life guard. I was accepted to the University of Waterloo for their Honors Science Program, and plan to go onto the University of Guelph for their Veterinarian program in the future. I recommend students take advantage of SHSM because it gives you real life skills that will help you in any job for the future. ”

“I really liked the small business session. It was informative and fun. The speaker was really interesting and fun to talk to. You get to meet new people with some of the same interests.
Wilfrid Laurier University asked whether I was an SHSM student. ”
– Barbra Magolon, Business

“Co-op was great hands-on experience that I personally will remember for a long time; my co-op experience was well spent at Waterloo Nissan.
You get a red seal on your diploma, employers see it and like it.”
– Nick Lam, Transportation

“I have benefited by obtaining a red seal. It will help my career by increasing my chance to get a job.”
– Francis Samson, Transportation

“I learned about new careers from SHSM.”
– Heather Cottingham, Health & Wellness

“The vest part was the 3D Animation and modelling training which was hands-on and we learned a lot.”
– Jeff Hobbs, Arts & Culture

   St. Mary’s HS

“I have benefited because I have now made my choice on my career pathway. It is an awesome way to choose your career path and learn more about what you are interested in.”
– Stacey Hughes, Health & Wellness

“I liked the fact that these programs are free because students my age wouldn’t be able to afford all these trips at full value. I am ready to work safely in my preferred work environment and I am aware of my rights as a worker. It’s such a privilege to have a program like this. ”
– Dustin Etmanski, Manufacturing

“SHSM looks good on your diploma and helps for university. It’s not hard to complete. It gives you more background knowledge and reassurance that business is what you want to do.”
– Jennifer Guevara, Business

“You end up with a whole lot of great experiences and credentials that will help you in your future. I learned more about the variety of career in Health & Wellness and that what I want to do in the future. I am very glad I signed up for this in grade 10! ”
– Christin Tabije, Health & Wellness

“If you know what you want to do in the future, start doing it now. It will put you so far ahead of your peers with a red seal on your diploma.
I have so much to put on my resume, First Aid and CPR stand out to an employer and having certifications will benefit me when I get into the skilled trades.”
– Rachel Jacquot, Construction

“One of my potential employers’ eyes flashed when I mentioned SHSM as part of my schooling. My favorite training session was the electronics soldering workshop at the University of Waterloo. Take SHSM -In future you will look back and thank profusely – guaranteed. ”
– Christina Pham, Information & Communication Technology

“I liked the broad amount of courses you could take. Without SHSM, I wouldn’t have done the CPR training, or known about the other courses. It was a really good experience!”
– Carly Wangner, Health & Wellness

“You will Lovvveee SHSM! I recommend it for you because it gives you a chance to experience the life you want for yourself. It gave me a head start in the career I want, which is a RN.
The fitness training session was my favorite because it taught me how to keep healthy and active in a fun way.”
– Tanisha Johnson, Health & Wellness

“SHSM is a great program to get involved in with. When you are trying to get into programs and post-secondary school, SHSM is so helpful!”
– Daniel Guerra, Health & Wellness

“It helps prepare you for the real world. By joining SHSM you’ll meet people that think just like you. This program is amazing! I recommend it to anyone.”
– Deven Daranyi, Business

“The best thing about SHSM ? The experiences! The Trips and training, and all of the things to put on your resume! I got many certificates that will help me in the future.”
– Michelle Duchesne, Sports